We actively support musical culture by presenting international artists and local talent at our events and offering a wide range of fresh music genres that enrich the music offerings in Magdeburg. Through the conscious interplay of regional, national and international acts, we not only promote the local cultural scene, but also exchange and networking between various artists.

Our passion is to liven up urban spaces and make them more colorful by turning lovingly designed open spaces into places of encounter.

community engagement

Our cultural funding focuses on community engagement to connect cultural actors and collectives and create a strong network within the Magdeburg cultural scene. Our events not only serve to present and consume creativity, but also as a meeting place for people with different artistic backgrounds. We actively promote acquaintances and create an inspiring environment for creative ideas to implement our own projects.

Digital presence and social media

Through our digital presence on social media platforms, we actively promote culture. With targeted online campaigns, we strengthen the local cultural and music scene, support collaborations and other event formats on the subcultural scene. We use our reach to draw attention to various activities and to promote the community.

Interdisciplinary events

We promote creative exchange between different art forms and connect different areas of art and culture. At Glacis Open Air and the DIE INSEL festival, we create interactive platforms that not only offer musical experiences, but also space for workshops and discussions, such as about cultural funding in Magdeburg.

Referring artists to external event formats

We are actively involved in supporting external organizers in acquiring, booking and communicating with artists and bands.

Rental of equipment and equipmentequipment

In addition to organizational support, we also offer technology, equipment and stage decoration to external associations. This makes it easier to implement various cultural events and contributes to the diversity of events in the city.

Here you can find our rental service:

Neighbourly commitment

A regular format is the “Thiemmarkt”, a regional market with exhibitors from the surrounding area and regional cuisine. A particular focus here is on neighbourly cooperation and neighborhood culture. We support the musical supporting program.

We are also committed to a colorful neighborhood and democracy. We take part in protest actions and rallies and organize creative vigils ourselves. The “Hassel Block” event at Hasselbachplatz station brings together cultural professionals and private individuals in a colorful, family-friendly initiative in favour of diversity and solidarity. Information stands, speeches, child-friendly political speeches and musical accompaniment promote political education and are committed to openness and tolerance.

Culture for MANY

Our goal is to make cultural experiences accessible to many and to break down barriers. Some of our series of events do not have a fixed admission price, but allow participants to decide for themselves about their financial participation. For paid events, we calculate without intending to make a profit, keep prices low and offer solidarity tickets for people in need. We also allow you to bring drinks and food to certain events in order to make participation as barrier-free as possible. This initiative creates meeting places where people can interact in a variety of ways and goes beyond financial aspects.

How to culture

We support other cultural workers and share our knowledge. Here is some helpful information to help you implement your own concepts.

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